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Dear Anti-Vaxxers: FUCK YOU!

Current vax for measles is worthless because patient zero's have strains from the third world that's not in the vax. Vaxxing for measles today is like vaxxing for the flu. worthless.

@willie959 I'm not sure what you mean with your first statement... But the flu vaccine does work differently than many other vaccines due to the nature of the virus changing more quickly than vaccine can be made - but it's far from useless. That's just ignorant. Do you not have the imagination to see the world we would live in without vaccine? Someone in your family would likely have polio, or maybe have died from the flu. All it takes is a look at the numbers for most vaccines to see that the relative handful of cases of adverse reaction cannon begin to compare to the lives saved by vaccines! Even if you account for possible flaws in data tracking of adverse reactions it does not begin bring these numbers in the same ball-park, not even the same galaxy. The anti-vax movement is based in ignorance and selectively cherry picking anecdotal or relatively isolated occurrences and using it to scare people in to believing something that has virtually no basis in fact.

@willie959 hmm... I guess those that ignorantly opt their children out of basic vaccinations, giving the virus an abundant and fertile new world to iterate mutations within, until finally a deadly vaccine-resistant variant of the virus arises that harms or kills my friends or loved ones... Yeah, that's what I worry about.

To be fair 144,000 illegal immigrants came over the border in May. More than likely most of them have not been vaccinated.

@Eugene Miller from what I gather that number represents undocumented immigrants caught trying to cross, not a number that got across. I'm assuming there's no real way of knowing that number. That said - point taken.
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