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@Eugene Miller why are you in a bad place? I found that thread really interesting, btw!

I was considering suicide.

One of my clients wants me to build an OCR system. In order to pull this off I need to be able to take a picture of a document and then run it through an OCR program.

I've been working on the challenge of taking a picture of a document. I was stuck on how to detect corners of a page. The example code on that page was kinda broken. The end result was just a black image.

Thankfully someone in #opencv on freenode irc pointed me to

Image processing is a very difficult task for me. Hopefully I can figure out the rest from here.
# #opencv

@Eugene Miller That's exactly how I feel trying to apply ML tools in a couple of projects I'm working on, haha. I know this feeling well. It always feels kick ass when you overcome the problem, though!

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