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They should sent at least 20k body bags, because Iran is not Iraq and they will have a whole different kind of resistance there if they ever set the troops on Iranian land.

There's no such thing as a case for war that ISN'T bogus...period.

@Foryouwhynot IB 100% Agreed. We should be setting the example that we are better than that. In my mind the only valid reason to engage in a war would be as defense from truly imminent danger from an adversary that has, without doubt, proven their intent - and even then only after all other options are tried and the stakes are many many human lives - not oil lines in other countries. That's the problem though, they spin it as just that and the foolish mass media happily relays it unquestioned...

I think the way China handled Trumps aggression's with tariffs was a good example. They only matched his actions, never escalated, never provoked. You can debate about the events that lead to it, and who's at fault, but it's clear they handled it with the rational self-control I would expect of a modern society, or at least what should be considered the absolute MINIMUM required amount to be deemed more tactful than a barbarian. Basically it amounts to defensive blocking, rather than... show more

The thing is the whole US defense budget is based on the idea that projecting force prevents war...and in all likelihood has done just that...the problem is that instead of simply projecting force, it's also driven violence in conflicts we had no place in. We put our noses in other countries' affairs because Russia (or some other scapegoat) was putting their nose in the area...that's a BS excuse...the real reason was the military budget was in danger of getting cut and they needed a reason to keep it funded at high war...we start fights where we can, butt into other fights where we can, "keep peace" where we can because we can...and because we do, we are able to keep blowing trillions of dollars on stupid causes...and the human cost is unfathomable.

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