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Psychedelics deserve so much more research, and less stigma. Psychedelics do things that seem unexplainable and unbelievable - but this is only the case because we have virtually no research in them. The situation is getting better, and this is encouraging, but few pharmacological substances in history have exhibited such profound results and potential in so many areas. Many people believe these type of results could not possibly be real, but this sort of research is slowly legitimizing the claims.

This needs so much more funding and attention by big pharma, and that will only come with demand - if the pharmaceutical companies see a real demand, they will use their influence to get the legal system in order, and make this happen. That demand will only happen, though, if we can soften the stigmas surrounding psychedelics by doing our part to spread research and information like this, and get it in front of as many eyes as possible. No one should claim these are harmless chemicals, of course they can be if used carelessly. However, psychedelics are very similar to alcohol in tha... show more

Not legal, decriminalized. You can't buy them, but the cops now can't arrest people for possession. Still need to grow them yourself.

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