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Just a little 'Thank You'...

@Hypolite Petovan , you make me proud and quite happy that I chose Friendica for my #distributed / #federated social platform! My sincerest gratitude to you for what you've given to the community, and your (seemingly) endless patience to help others. What a great dev and a fine human being! You make #Friendica one of the best open-source software experiences out there.

I hope to eventually be able to contribute something real to the project as well, but for now I just wanted to say 'thank you'!

Btw, I'm sure there are a lot of other people that deserve a huge thanks for Friendica, and I'm grateful to them as well - but @Hypolite Petovan is the person I have direct experience with, and has helped me out several times since I started running my Friendica instance. I certainly don't mean to minimize anyone else, though, and I realize OSS is a team effort! So thanks to everyone involved!

You're very welcome, Adam. However I feel like I have to share the thanks and the compliments with at least @Michael Vogel , @Tobias , @Steffen K9 🐰 , @Fabio and @Rabuzarus as we've been putting our efforts together, each in their respective field, to bring you this happiness experience.

Ultimately, we're doing all of this this for people like you to enjoy, and it's always a boon for us to receive users' gratitude.

So thank you, too.

Great! I knew there were certainly more people involved, but I wasn't sure who - thanks for tagging them here! I'm grateful to you all and extend the 'thank you' to the entire team! :)