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Everything is said :
'I get it, VS Code is slick and easy to jump in to, but by using it you are clearly compromising your rights and morality by supporting this Microsoft product! There are many other good IDEs, some as easy to jump in to as VS Code, others take a bit more setup… but it’s well worth finding an open-source alternative to a product made by a company that actively wants to infiltrate & dissolve our community!
TKS 4 the info:)!
it was already there when I last time had deal with Windoze - back in 2007. and by default they added spying module to any software built with VS. programmer had to turn off some settings to get rid of this.
Jeter tout ses attrape couillons et passer à l'Open Source !
L'ennui dansle domaine de l'entreprise, tu fais ce que l'on te dit et en général, il faut que ça tourne partout... d'ou la version VS ... supposée 'passer' partout... mais au condition de la 'dictature' de Redmond.... :(!

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