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This is great information for new users!

This is a particularity helpful read for G+ refugees or those fleeing the tyranny of Facebook - who may not have even been aware such networks existed! It's also just a well laid out, and easy to understand, description of the #fediverse .

A big thank you to @alysonsee (Fca), for writing the article that I have been meaning to write, and doing a better job at it than I likely would have (bonus points for the Venn diagram)! Thank you for creating and sharing this!

Also, thanks for sharing @Vladimir and updating me on the original author's identity. I'm definitely saving this to share with new users of my #friendica node when they ask such questions!

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@Adam Gaskins we together owe kuddos to @alysonsee (Fca) who wrote it all on first place, in a correct english, not like me.

oh okay, thanks for that update, I do like to get my attributions correct so I'll edit this! Thanks for sharing it though @Vladimir . Otherwise I would not have found it.

That's why we're here : to share, hopefully only good things !