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This is by far the most useful resource on Vim that I've come across! Some very cool stuff here.

Full disclosure I am NOT super Vim savvy, I know the general basics and use a few plugins... and that's likely why I find this video exciting! So, ymmv, but check it out if you're a Vim user or are Vim-curious! :)

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Friends don't let friends use vi/vim/emacs :)

Nano, ftw!
@David Thiery I agree maybe with emacs, but I think I've finally seen the light for Vim, haha. The video I just posted removed the need for most of my Vim plugins and make me much more sure in my editor choice. That said, I am also a big fan of Nano! It's simplicity is beautiful, my 10yo son can use it and I still use it often for some purposes.

That said, I do hate that I still press Ctrl+O in gui apps often and bring up an open dialog rather a than a save dialog... :P Of course I could change it, but I like to keep things mostly default so I don't look like an idiot when I open Nano or Vim on a foreign machine, ha.

So yeah... I think they're just two different tools. If I want to write a document in a very linear way I'd probably just open Nano still, but for code editing (basically the requirements of an IDE) I'd go to Vim. Every tool has it's purpose, right?
Great! I like those Vids about all the editors.
@ictus I wasn't aware of Invidious, thanks for sharing!
Np, it's a great yt frontend. You can self host it too.
Yes it is! I watch this video again and again from time to time :-)
if you find this video informative, I can recommend the book Practical Vim as well. It contains a ton of worthwhile tips and tricks to improve your editing workflow.
Thanks for the tip @kungtotte :void:, I'll look for it next time I'm at the bookstore!

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