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This is how real "fake news" works...

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That's not so much fake as it is skewed. The news tends to highlight unnatural causes of death. Who wants to hear that so and so "peacefully died in his/her sleep" two dozen times a day? If you want to know that sort of thing, read the obituaries.

Well, @David Lazarus you may be correct: media is not so much interested in boring natural deaths. I see this in the way, amok shootings are reported: these seem to become more "natural" every time they happen, well at least they seem to become boring.
Yet while "death by terrorist attack" stays a rare gem in the US, being shot by someone, who is "annoyed" of something and thus thinks, it is OK for him, to let other innocent people die for it, even "abstract" and "potential" terrorism is interesting enough to occupy 30%.
Fact is: terrorism is harmless, compared to death threads as bizarre as mistakes made by doctors or being killed by some badly designed electrical device. Still terrorism is in the news, deadly hair driers are not.

@Hartmut Noack - I wouldn't say that terrorism, domestic or foreign, is harmless. Arguably, it is difficult to report deaths from mistakes made by doctors because it could affect the outcome of lawsuits against them. How many people die per year from "deadly hair driers"?

More than from terrorist attacks, so much is for sure.
What I try to say is that terrorism is a media phenomenon. It brutally uses the strong affinity of the media to sensless violence against innocent people to get attention. Successfully.

The terrorism is the most classical of the prosopopoeias, it is an imaginative enemy without a face, a country, and a true reason. It is a perpetual menace that allows any kind of politcs choice. That all time is resolved as an act of violence, when is directed externally or a restriction of freedom when is directed internally of a country. It is a switch that is triggered every time a government needs to distract the public opinion.

It is based on the most common fear, the fear of the diversity and uses. most of the time, the religion as clash field. And the terrorists don't exist as we mean the human life, them exist only as martyrs, or as evil people hidden somewhere. They can return as human only when they die! As a matter of fact no one country has been able to jail only one terrorist. Them are like a ghosts that materialize themselves just in the act of their death.

@Hartmut Noack - I agree with that assessment. Unfortunately, we tend to glorify and romanticize the offenders rather than show true empathy for those affected by them.

Yes of course. Terrorism is a welcome phenomenon to demonstrate importance.
That does not mean, that govt creates terrorism, it just blows it up to a deadly threat to everyone in the nation.

@Hartmut Noack - Let me put it a different way. The US government is the largest, wealthiest terrorist organization on the planet.

The US (and anay other govt) is in the same buisiness: make the impression of being decisively important. DAESH for those, who tend to believe, that they should dominate because: Islam. Trump for those, who still believe, that they are best off, if their lords and masters are the most powerfull aristocracy in the world.
Both have little to offer, DAESH has even less than Trump.
Both still simply sell the franchise of "support us and we give you your share of domination".
Both dominate nothing. They sell promises of riches they dont have access to(or that dont exist). And both know it.
DAESH needs to score some points in media attention to stay in the game. Western govts (and western media and people) help them by granting them these points when they manage to set up another feeble attack.
The innocent victims pay the price.

The innocent victims pay the price.

Nothing to add.

@Hartmut Noack - Not any other government. Only those based on Capitalism, Despotism and/or Fascism. That's why the US destroys any nation attempting to successfully implement Socialism. Socialism is a uniting force. How can there be war if everyone is united?

Regimes, that try hard to implement socialism and fail act the same, but worse. I have seen it.

@Hartmut Noack It seems to me that, since the 'cold war' and until only recently, it has been common knowledge that most of these regimes, that are supposed examples of 'failed socialism' or 'failed communism', were never truly either. Regimes used these unifying concepts to gain control, and any hope for those ideologies were immediately thwarted by diametrically opposed ideologies. It seems only recently are people (like Jordan Peterson, for one popular example) making these sorts of pre cold war claims that those were truly good-faith efforts and attempts at implementing such societies, and that they failed for inherent reasons, rather that externally deviating factors.

However, let's say maybe the truth lies somewhere between the two outermost extremes; that socialism has never been tried properly at all, and that socialism fails any and every time it is attempted. This is quite similar, in conception, to democracy if you look back historically - most initial attempts at creating... show more

Seen it or been sold the propaganda? Look to the Scandinavian countries if you want to see implementations of Socialism that world. They are not labeled Socialist, but they are much more so than the US.

@David Lazarus Agreed! My comment (above) also has some elaboration on this phenomena.

From my opinion what we need is to define the meaning of the Democracy. It is clear the failure of the Representative Democracies, hidden powers are able to lead the governments against the interests of the populations. We need to go over and start Participant Democracies where the citizens can actively lookout and the work of the politicians and correct the path when it is needed.

Seen it in East Germany, where I grew up.
Scandinavia is Ordo Liberal Capitalism with a strong social state, not the worst compromise, a state could make, I'd say....

@Hartmut Noack I think this also iterates my point I was getting at in the longer comment. You, quite correctly in my opinion, show here that it requires a mouthfull of terminology to describe any successful society! But then this makes it seem like cherry-picking to say other societies failed because of 'communism' or 'socialism', because there were other elements, and if you look much at all you see that those elements broght them down, not the elements of communism or socialism, that had shrunk to nothing more than empty words by the time these systems had failed.

I think a big problem is that we humans have a hard time not putting things in tidy little boxes. We want a society that fits in to one perfect ideology box, but in reality these ideologies are all like tools that have specific uses, and we need to pick and choose the right one to solve the right problem. This is where historical data and analysis comes in. We need a framework for a more objective way of discuss... show more

@Daniel - That can happen, at least at the local level, under The Venus Project's idea of a resource based economy.

@Adam Gaskins first: to avoid misunderstanding: there are indeed very successfull attempts to implement socialist principle in societies. Scandinavia is one and I dare to say, that even Cuba has its merits. Though the Castro Regime is far from being democratic, it has never been a brutal tyranny and given the fact, that the regime has been under really heavy pressure from the US for 60 years now, that looks to me like: they actually do not want to brutalize the cubeans just to stay in charge, they rather organise a fairly acceptable standard of living, that is in some aspects(medical care) better than the one of the lower half of the US citizens.

Then you said a very true thing: "we humans have a hard time not putting things in tidy little boxes"
Exactly: ideals are one thing, real life (tm) is something different.
A govt, that does its best to improve the life of as many people as possible is better than a regime of idealists, that do anything to stay... show more

@Adam Gaskins - Great insights and I largely agree. However, I think that the US, in particular, needs to move much further to left. Most Democrats are too far to the right. We need someone like Bernie or Andrew Yang as president.

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