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Are there any VERIFIABLE sources that show Huawei has backdoor/spyware installed on their devices? Aside from the Intel stuff, like ME, that's on nearly every modern computer and certainly isn't a China-related issue. I'm not being facetious, I really just don't see any articles or anything stating any facts here, just that Trump decided to say they (and other Chinese companies) are bad guys... I must be missing something, though.

I've heard the argument that these are Chinese companies and that technically Chinese government controls all Chinese companies... but I mean is there really any proof the Huawei has done anything? This all seems like yet another USA false flag tactic to me. The risk posed merely from a government POSSIBLY intervening in a company is the same risk posed by any US company. If the NSA subpoenas a US company to do something they do it and shut their mouths about it. This HAS been documented in the past.

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Are there any VERIFIABLE sources that show Huawei has malware installed on their devices?

Why do you need a proof ? That's not the point, isn't it ?
Am I too satiric ? Or is it an understatement rather?

@Vladimir Haha, you mean proof is not the point because it is obviously a false flag issue originating from the US? I agree if that's what you mean!

Also, I guess 'malware' was a poor choice of wording. and I'm not sure any computer from major manufacturers come with zero malware - as in junk that tries to get you to pay money, or tracks you for advertising, or some other annoying stuff. What I meant, though, is the claim that the US government makes, that Huawei and others are pre-loading backdoor style exploits. Obviously every recent Intel device has the potential to be used as a backdoor with the management engine bs, but that is a product of Intel, not these companies - and not unique to China. I'm just sincerely hoping someone can show me some article I am not finding, that shows someone actually demonstrating these sorts of exploitable bugs or backdoors planted on the Chinese hardware, as claimed by the US.

@Vladimir I clarified my wording a bit. 'Malware' was not the proper term to use at all. Thanks for making me aware of this blunder! ha

false flag issue originating from the US
and others.
yes that's what I meant hence my (hopefully) satiric tone. :-)

I seen this and though you'd laugh about it ...
A post from

@Vladimir haha, sounds about right!

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