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New Friendiqa version in Frdoid repo

@Friendica Developers @Friendiqa
Hi there, I just uploaded version 0.5 of Friendiqa to my binary Fdroid repo at
Important changes:

* Redesign due to QML Components 1 being deprecated in Qt 5.12: Slideview for News, left Drawer for Settings, message creation in listview header
* Android Notifications for News, DMs, Replies
* Global app config separated from account config

If I don't get any bug reports I will upload the version to Google Playstore.
Cheers, Marco

Linux Lusers Forum

Did you know has a forum on here?

Just visit this account to join the forum: @The Linux Luser Group

When you want to post to the forum, or share something there, simply tag it just like you would a normal user, except replace the leading '@' with an '!' (only the leading one). That goes for any Friendica forum.

When you do this the post becomes a forum post* [b]and everyone in the forum can see & interact with it! It's a great way to get help to general questions you may have[b]**, start a riveting discussion, or just share an interesting post that your fellow forum users might appreciate!

I hope to see some of my fellow Lusers there! :P

* A couple of forum tips:
Click to open/close- If you want to ensure all of your normal followers also see your forum
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Friendica update script (for git-based installations)

I've been using this script for ~3 months now. I added a few additional steps based on input from @Steffen K9 ? not too long ago. I'm sure it's still not perfect, but it seems to be working just fine for me, so I thought I might as well share it on here and possibly help others!

I find this much simpler than manually extracting archives, fixing permissions, overwritting configs and relinking my personal additions to the site with every update. I also include some tips in the file for dealing with branch changes and such (again, mainly thanks to what I learned from @Steffen K9 ? ). I know it's overly verbose, but I'm sure that's no surprise to any of you that have chatted with me on here :P

Instructions are in the comments, although it's probably obvious from the script, it's fairly simple. But I want it to be clear to folks who might not be all that familiar with bash/git/system admi... show more

@Savi @hoergen @utzer OMG I've waited my whole life for this invite in to your secret order! I'll be contacting you right away for my membership card!

This is what I actually do for regular updates:

##Update Friendica Community Forum

echo "Forum Update"

cd /var/www/html/frforum/
sudo -u www-data HOME=/var/tmp/www-data git pull

cd /var/www/html/frforum/addon/
sudo -u www-data HOME=/var/tmp/www-data git pull

cd /var/www/html/frforum/
sudo -u www-data COMPOSER_HOME=/var/tmp/composer bin/composer.phar install --no-dev

##Restart Apache

sleep 2s

service apache2 restart

service php7.2-fpm restart

echo "Forum has been updated"

It's very simple but it works.

@Steffen K9 ? I have a couple of questions:
1) How important is the HOME/COMPOSER_HOME variable in the sudo command? I didn't use it my script just because neither of those paths exist on my server, and I wasn't sure they were correct for all setups. Maybe they are just needed during runtime of this command?

2) Why do you restart apache and php? I've never done this during my friendica updates. Is the apache restart just to reload .htaccess? Since I use nginx I handle that sort of thing in my site configs. Is it really needed to even update the htaccess file? I'm not sure about php either - I use fpm as well and always just leave it running after these Friendica updates.

So far, so good, without these bits, but I don't want to ommit anything important that might cause an issue!

I'm not in any way claiming these things aren't needed, but rather I just don't understand what they are doing in these circumstances (and I have made some efforts to figure it out). I'd just... show more

Well 'www-data' has no real home directory. git and composer are both trying to place a directory and cached files in the homedir of the user running them.
At least that's true for me and my system. So I created temp directories for both and use them in environment variables when running the commands.

The restart of Apache isn't necessary. But if you use PHP-FPM I'd advise to at least restart that. PHP is using some code caches and other caches. A restart is cleaning that up. I do that to be sure everything is fresh. :-)

Great info! I think it all makes sense now and I can revise my script without any 'grey' areas! Thanks so much for clearing that up @Steffen K9 ? !

@Steffen K9 ? Just a quick question to see if I'm going in the right direction with this line of thought - If I wanted to figure out if an update might include a change to the database *before* proceeding with the fetch & merge (pull), would a diff on the existing local and latest remote database.sql file be the way to go about doing this?

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I came across a very strange problem today. All of the amavisd-new processes on my server were pegged at nearly 100% CPU usage! Restarting the services, or even trying to manually end the processes didn't work initially. I had to break o
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A rant about GitHub, and seeking opinions on Gitea

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#LibrePlanet 2019 videos are live! Watch Lightning Talks with Jeremiah Foster @johns_FSF, Devon McCullough, Danny O'Brien, Daniel Gnoutcheff, Alex Gleason, Dave Mawdsley @DaveMawdsley, Christopher Franco, Fang Shuo Deng, Devin Ulibarri, and Patrick McDermott:

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