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GnuPG public key

Ever wanted to send a message via public channels that the intended recipient(s) can read but no one else can?

No creepy ad agencies, no stalkers, no dubious freedom-hating governments around the web, no political/terrorist organisations building lists?

Its great that Diaspora allows us greater control of who can access our data compared to other social media, but still, that data exists somewhere and can be seized/hacked/stolen. But not if its encrypted and readable only by the intended recipients :-) (linux) or (windows) is one free and publicly-documented way to encrypt stuff. You can import my public key below, or using "gpg --search-keys"

If you're using gpg, send me your public key too, and then we can better control who can listen to our conversations.

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I agree, for public content public key encryption cannot be more than "security by obscurity", and a bit of a nuisance.

For self-selected groups of people who already know each other (online or offline), though, it would be very useful. Encrypting for multiple recipients public keys is a thing, "group keys" can be shared by multiple people, and different posts can be encrypted with different keys.

The real barrier to adopting this is that attempts like WebPG to make GnuPG user-friendly and in-browser have foundered on the fact that anything done in-browser using Javascript is (potentially) accessible to the (potentially) untrusted server.

EDIT - - GPG encryption and decryption in the browser! Working! And works in another tab, so no javascript sniffing
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@Rorus What's your thoughts on Keybase? If used with just the app (no account signup at all) it seems to be a pretty slick solution. It feels a bit like training wheels though, and I worry many folks won't use the tools correctly with them being so easy to get running, negating the need to pass thru the initiation of just figuring all this shit out, haha. At the same time, there needs to not be such a hurdle... so I'm really torn on how I feel about it.

Reading about it now, curious as to why its not in usual Debian repos. Thanks Adam!

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