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Mulder desperately pursues wraiths. Smoking Man just, you know, smokes a bunch.


Congrats Karen Sandler!

This is always good to see! ...let's hope we see a lot more of it, too! #women #equality #opensouce #fsf

@Hypolite Petovan , do you know if there is some option that controls if forum posts (normal posts that I make where ! tag the forum) will show up with all my regular posts? Right now they do not - is that the expected behavior? I'm trying to make them show up both in the forum and on my own time-line. #Friendica

Hey Adam, there's no setting for this, all your posts, sent to a forum or not, should appear in your Network page. If they don't, it's an issue.

@Hypolite Petovan , thanks for the replies! I really just mean if I got to my profile and then click ‘status’ I don’t see posts which I !-tag for a forum with, only my regular posts. Is this the expected behavior?

Yes, since you transfer ownership of the post to the forum with the !-mention, it won't appear in your profile anymore, but it will appear in your Network page and on the forum profile page.

@Hypolite Petovan and @Adam Gaskins thanks you for the insight.

@Hypolite Petovan I noticed you activated dislike on you comment. Am I right to suppose that you did so in order to not get any related sub comment ? If so I take note of the tip.

No, I misclicked the label, and apparently it didn't register my second click to remove it.

Too bad I thought I'd learn something new... :-)


I’m not adjusting well to seeing M$ assimilating open-source...

Pyright: Static type checker for Python

Static type checker for Python. Contribute to Microsoft/pyright development by creating an account on GitHub.
Article word count: 34

HN Discussion:
Posted by JacobHenner (karma: 126)
Post stats: Points: 143 - Comments: 39 - 2019-03-24T01:55:38Z

\#HackerNews #checker #for #pyright #python #static #type
Article content:


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#opensource #microsoft #python

Scheduled Maintenance - 03.24.19 @ 00:00-01:00 EST
Tonight, at midnight (Eastern std time), I plan to update a critical back-end service. It should only take a few minutes, but I'm blocking off an hour of time just in case of unanticipated issues.

This is not expected to cause any issues that users will notice, nor result in any downt
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Attention users of, there's a new official admin account!

I have added the new account, @Super Luser , that will be used exclusively for posts related to the #Friendica node (such as maintenance notifications or announcements). It will also be used to provide help & support for users! This way, no one needs be subjected to all my unrelated personal posts just to get this important info! This is, of course, how it should have been done from the start.

Please be sure to subscribe to this new official account if you're a user of and would like to see information related to this node, or easily ask questions and get help! There is certainly no obligation to do so, though.
#Friendica @Super Luser information new-users


An interesting TempleOS documentary, and I rant about how we deal with each other online

It's a pretty decently done documentary. I've heard bits and pieces of this tale over the years, but this video does a great job of putting it all together, and giving the viewer some perspective on the chain of events.

YouTube: TempleOS | Down the Rabbit Hole (Fredrik Knudsen)

Optional Reading - the following is a long rant that drifts from the topic of Terry Davis, creator of TempleOS, to ideas about what could possibly he... show more
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Friendica search is working very slow, even timing out with a 504

@Hypolite Petovan , maybe you could shed some light on how to better deal with the search feature... Almost every search I perform results in a 504 error, at least the first few times I try. I've increased the number of php fpm workers and lowered the nice value a bit (also for nginx workers), as my server does do quite a few tasks - but it's pretty finely tuned and resources are typically available (unless things get really hectic). Is there anything else I can do? I've tested under my lightest loads, even after freshly restarting php & nginx. Everything else on my site is fairly low latency. I see from the admin settings that the search does a global search in the background to cache it for later searches, but it seems like it doesn't work until I finally get it to not timeout with the 504...

Could this have more to do with the remote server than my own? Now, I know a 504 is a gateway timeout and means the remote server didn't give us everything we needed in... show more
The trace you got is invaluable data when troubleshooting slowness. The problem seems to stem from the fact that your node didn't know part of all the up-to-80 contacts that the global directory sent based on your search term. Which means that for each unknown contact, your node will try to import it, which involves several curl requests to the remote server for network/protocol detection for example. The time spent sending these requests sequentially adds up to the search page processing time, and it seems PHP-FPM has a timeout set at 75 seconds.

I see two solutions to this problem:
  • Retry the search until all the remote contacts comprising the result have been imported in your local node, and the search should become faster.
  • Ditch the local contact import and use the directory results as-is. I know it will sadden @Rabuzarus because this means less magic authentication links, but I'm not sure it's relevant in this context.

Thanks @Hypolite Petovan !

I tried to find the way to ‘ditch the local contact import’, and the setting I disabled first was ‘search the local directory’, which does solve the problem of timing out, but it displays no global results at all now, ha! Since you said it would use the results as-is I guess this was the incorrect setting.

Is the setting you’re referring to something I need to put in the local config manually? I’m not at my workstation and don’t remember the exact file file name, but I believe it’s in the config dir in Friendica’s root... maybe /config/local.config.php?

Thanks again, the help is greatly appreciated!!

Oh, I'm sorry, I was talking about changing the code itself not to import the remote profiles, not about some setting you could change.

Oh I see. Hmm, would that be something fairly trivial, like a few edits in a file (it’s been about a decade since I’ve done any serious PHP stuff haha) or more of a can of worms sort of change?? Haha. Maybe if it’s more the former you could point me to a file to have a go at it?

Maybe as a backup plan, would lowering the queried profiles to something smaller than 80 be a reasonable temporary work-around?

Yes, you can lower it to 30 for example in mod/dirfind.php line 106.

I tried setting it to 30 and did quite a few searches over the last 30 minutes. It timed out about 50% of the time with this setting, and always took ~1min when it did work. That was an improvement, of course... but I lowered it to 20, expecting only marginally better results. However, to my surprise now any search I do populates results in a second or two. I’m not repeating queries, to rule out caching, and I am searching common things that generate many pages of results. The same positive results when I click a page number too, it’s lightning fast (relatively speaking, from where we were! Ha).

I don’t understand this behavior, but I’m very happy with it! I was I was under the impression setting this to 20 would result in only 20 results appearing, at most, but apparently I haven’t fully grok’d it yet ha.

Thank you so much @Hypolite Petovan & @Tobias ! You guys are amazing! #friendica forever! :P

I think I spoke to soon here... I guess maybe, despite my best efforts, I had searched for something that had been searched maybe, I don’t know. But I’m down to 10 and it still timed out. But I think I see some other things to play with in that file, I’m going to get back on this issue tomorrow. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though!

Have you activated the option to only search in the tags? It's a setting in the admin panle. On some nodes the full-text search that is used instead leads to time-outs.

No, it isn't the item search, this is the official directory profile search.

Then there is the option to turn on the local search and perform a discovery of global contacts. Every search will also be done against the global directory, but by a worker process, so that the results should improve over time.

I’ll give that a try next! Thank you!


Haiku OS - an open-source operating system that isn't GNU/Linux or BSD!

I've watched the Haiku OS project ( from afar for years now, and I'm excited to see that the latest release ( seems to show quite a lot of activity and progress! It's definitely worth keeping an eye on. While I don't really see myself going for a bare-metal install, just yet, I'm going to attempt a VM install this evening, if time permits - so stay tuned, as I'll be reporting back with my experience and initial take on it in the coming days!

If you've used Haiku OS I'd love to hear what you have to say about the experience!

I'd also love to learn about any other less-mainstream OSes. Not so much GNU/Linux distros, but novel and less derivative OSes that you may have come across, particularly projects that are under the radar with active repos!

#Haiku #HaikuOS #BeOS #GNULinux #Linux #os #alternatives


Twitter: Adam Schiff

Scully autopsies ghost kids. Mulder worries about CIA shit.


Why is there so little uproar over Trumps ‘tax reform’ and it’s effects?

Twitter: Direct Action Bronson

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Harriet Wilson Memorial, by African-American sculptor Fern Cunningham, to celebrate the first African-American novelist of North America #womensart


This is great information for new users!

This is a particularity helpful read for G+ refugees or those fleeing the tyranny of Facebook - who may not have even been aware such networks existed! It's also just a well laid out, and easy to understand, description of the #fediverse .

A big thank you to @alysonsee (Fca), for writing the article that I have been meaning to write, and doing a better job at it than I likely would have (bonus points for the Venn diagram)! Thank you for creating and sharing this!

Also, thanks for sharing @Vladimir and updating me on the original author's identity. I'm definitely saving this to share with new users of my #friendica node when they ask such questions!

[edited to fix incorrect attri... show more
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@Adam Gaskins we together owe kuddos to @alysonsee (Fca) who wrote it all on first place, in a correct english, not like me.

oh okay, thanks for that update, I do like to get my attributions correct so I'll edit this! Thanks for sharing it though @Vladimir . Otherwise I would not have found it.

That's why we're here : to share, hopefully only good things !


Content warnings... So many content warnings... why Mastadon?

It’s so frustrating to see an interesting but relatively benign post from a Mastadon user with a ‘Content Warning’, not just on the original post, but on every single comment! It’s painfully tedious to read through a busy post’s comment thread when you have to deal with this. Not to mention how inane a task this seems, having to do this with virtually every #mastadon user’s post and all their comments! Ugh... so... mind... numbing... :P

I’ve never used Mastadon, but I believe I recall someone telling me that this is something a user chooses to do, and I do see that it can have great utility in certain touchier circumstances... but come on, I see stuff like: “CONTENT WARNING: birthday cake opinions” < I don’t want to point anyone out so I made this one up, but it’s really similar to some I see every day! Haha.

Maybe I still just don’t get it... :\

There is a setting in ~friendica ~friendica which will turn CWs into titles of postings, just because it is so tedious.

Thanks @qsrmvt & @Tobias ! I should have known Friendica already had a solution to the problem!

And if you want to filter, you can use the NS.FW or advanced content filter (both are addons the admin needs to activate first). The 1st one is simply matching words against the contents of a posting; so not only NS.FW but e.g. also names of politicians or sports you really don't care about. The 2nd lets you apply some finer rules, but you have to weave them manually.

The postings are still there in your timeline, but collapsed.


How Inuit parents teach kids to control their anger

At the top of the world, the Inuit culture has developed a sophisticated way to sculpt kids' behavior without yelling or scolding. Could discipline actually be playful?
Article word count: 28
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Something to keep an eye on...

Trump administration defended Medicaid work requirements in court and it didn’t go well

"The administration faced a lot of difficult questions from District Judge James 'Jeb' Boasberg, an Obama appointee, abou
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