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Full name:
Adam Gaskins

Member since:
2019-02-27 11:28:42

(Jessie DeLaigle) for 14 years

I'm an Earthling currently residing in North America. I like technology. I’m a bit of a GNU/Linux evangelist (and occasional critic). I am copyleft. I dislike all manner of closed and/or proprietary systems (not limited to software). I'm always attempting to further liberate myself from such technology, but I'm not perfect... I do own some non-libre hardware - but i'm always trying to find adequate replacements that respect unfettered innovation, freedom and privacy!

I manage the Friendica node, so come by and open a personal or forum account if you'd like! :P

I also run the, which is a blog dealing with GNU/Linux related (and loosely, barely or not-at-all related) topics. The blog is currently supported by minimal ads thru Google but I'm actively looking for more privacy-respecting alternatives (contact me with suggestions, please). will never be monetized in any way! This is my promise to all users! I may eventually accept donations, if the site becomes so large that it requires more resources than current available, but you will never see an ad here! Furthermore, I will never put a paid service on, nor will your account info, such as your email, ever be shared or sold to anyone, nor used for any kind of marketing! The only agenda I have here is to make my own small contribution to what I believe is a better way to do social media!

freedom, gnu/linux, open-source, foss, archlinux, debianlinux, i3wm, python, micro-controller

Political views:
Sane rationalism, with a side of empathy


Electronics dabbling, musical musings, digital voodoo...

Contact information and social networks:
Just ask!

I like any music in to which someone has encoded their soul in to sounds. I also like making music. I dabble with variety of instruments; I'm a jack of all - master of none

Philosophy & physics books mostly... I like attempting to understand things that are actually far beyond my level of education and intelligence. I enjoy SciFi short story rags like Asimov (recommend some more please)! I also like programming related books (not basic how-to's, but rather stuff like "Impractical Python", for one great example. Lately I've been cheating and just listening to audio books during long walks :P

No. I do like a good movie or documentary, but network television makes me queasy :\

Arts, culture, entertainment:
Yeah... sure.

I love Jessie DeLaigle lots forevers!

Who cares...

Blah blah...

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