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I use Friendica because it's written in PHP. I hate python and remove it from my distribs. actually, I can name hundreds of minor problems with Friendica, but it is relatively fast among similar services. so I'm content with it.
I think about writing similar service in C, for console. this is one of many ideas I always have no time for :) so for a while I use Friendica. try to make it better by reporting of fixing small bugs. it's anyway better than G+ that killed all our accounts one fine day.
I tried running Diaspora, Friendica and Hubzilla. Friendica is the most inefficient - even on mostly single user instance (well, with a couple of bots) it keeps thrashing database all the time and both DB and file storage are getting HUGE :)

Hubzilla is pretty much the same but creates lighter system load.

Diaspora is the most efficient and polished - it has very lean DB and doesn't cache anything persistently so file storage is mostly the stuff you uploaded and not five billion avatars of people you never even met. Older Diaspora nodes handle huge databases without deleting anything.

I like Friendica the best feature-wise though. I wish they cleaned up their DB and storage a bit but likely this is too much to ask.


Tomorrow, we'll be talking with Coraline Ehmke in # about her # talk, "The Rising Ethical Storm in Open Source" Video here,


Well, that's two states so far, Michigan and Nevada!

Trump tweets he'll kill Nevada's federal funds if state votes by mail, after threatening state of Michigan with the same / Boing Boing

Trump tweets he'll kill Nevada's federal funds if state votes by mail, after threatening state of Michigan with the same


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Whiteboard Plotter Rocks Three Colors and an Eraser


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Whiteboard Plotter Rocks Three Colors and an Eraser


**Trump’s Megalomania and Boris Johnson’s Incompetence Have Only Increased in COVID Pandemic**

"It was the pandemic that turned Trump’s and Johnson’s character and behavioural flaws into lethal failings that have since killed many people. Both had risen to power by skilfully exploiting nativist fears and ambitions and scapegoa…"

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I'd love to see live on as a #

I really believe the # business model is how we win this war on #.

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Remember when WeWork bought before their real estate scam of a business model imploded? Zebras Unite are agitating for WeWork to sell MeetUp to its members, making it a platform cooperative:

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Apparently the MeetUp horse has already bolted :(

But as with the BuyTwitter campaign, I think the underlying concept is still worth boosting.
@Strypey I'm just posting things and then seeing you've already covered them today... I just asked about this on your OP haha. Thanks for the heads up!
@Strypey I really need to pay more attention to timestamps :\
yeah me too ;)


From the signup form on

This and so many variants are already taken... I'm so late to the game :\

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Why would anyone read messages into this? Just innocent fun, right?

These dog whistles are obvious.

This is it gang, our president is amassing his private militia and ordering them to go to war against the rest of us.

#, it's growing cold out - time to have a heater!

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This goes into the biochemistry of how the immune system works and why we think it shouldn't be too hard to develop a vaccine for it




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