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I’d like some opinions on the site / blog!

I run, which is a blog dealing with GNU/Linux and other topics. The blog is currently supported by minimal ads. This may change, as the blog is currently in a state of neglect, and as I begin to post again and bring it back to life I’m not sure I even want ads on it at all. Currently I make almost nothing (seriously, I’ve never reached the minimum for a payout), and my only goal is to cover some of the modest cost associated with maintaining the server. Maybe donations would prove better than ads, once I’m providing a more useful service. I’m just hoping to bring something of value to this community which I love and believe in. I just wanted to be up front on this, and to be clear with what is going on. Input from you guys and gals will help me greatly here! Is is possible to monetize a blog without compromising it ethically? I’d love some feedback and opinions! What would you like to see from Is there a niche you believe is not filled that we may be positioned to help with?

Rest assured, however, that this site w... show more

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