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This list of the earliest know use of maths terms is an amazing way to loose time finding old (but super interesting) papers to read thru! Stuff you may likely never come across otherwise!

For someone like myself who loves, but is less than proficient at, maths.... this is a treasure trove of older and more approachable technical papers! And if you are a maths wizard, well I'm sure you can appreciate it for the history and maybe add some obscure older papers to your offline archive! ;)

Link: Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics

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Here are some candy hearts written by the neural net GPT-2. It's one of the most powerful text-generating neural nets out there, but I don't think it really knows what is expected of a candy heart.

Most uncomfortable moment as a father...

As a father, the most uncomfortable moment of my life, thus far, was this morning when my six year old daughter put this musical dance number on the television...

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YouTube: Murrieta Dance Project - Barbie Girl (DancingWithYT)

I can understand your feelings man!

I will not see this video, but i'm sure it's at the fringe of debasing entertainment and sex-related crime

Fox News’ incendiary, fanatical rants serve to delegitimize to its viewers the very idea of a political opposition. Every Democrat is evil. Every person who disagrees with President Trump is an enemy of the state. Every career federal employee is a member of a deep state opposition.

This article, while a month old now, is still incredibly relevant and likely to have been missed during the chaos of past weeks. Given that, I think it makes sense to repost it.

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This is the video Americans should sharing; it elucidates what's happening here better than most others! I don't like reposting from major networks, but this is the full uncut press briefing by two republicans who could not be part of the cover up. The rest of their party is already on damage control, but this needs to be seen and for people to hear what Trumps minions said during the assassination debriefing!
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If you're in to gaming please check out my son's youtube channel! He's 10 & a proud Linux gamer, and I'm so proud of him! He got a new video card and has really leveled up his quality on his latest videos too.

Anyways, here's his latest Hollow Knight series video (you should see the previous two on the side, if interested)!

Thanks! :)

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The Hollow Knight game looks super cool!

I haven't heard much about this series of Russian ships off the US coast in recent weeks & years. I also have yet to mention it to anyone IRL who has heard of this at all! ...and I live in one the states mentioned in the articles! Gotta love the media and what we consider 'news' these days :/
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WARNING although there's nothing particularly graphic in this, it does deal with some brutal topics that content moderators are exposed to. Just a heads up! Otherwise, this is an enlightening interview that puts a human face on a problem we are all aware of and yet rarely consider deeply. Go say something nice to a moderator! :)
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Want an open-source alternative to Amazon's Alexa or the Google Assistant? You can with a Raspberry Pi and Mycroft

Once you start using a smart speaker to set reminders, play the news, or turn the lights on, it's hard to go back. But if you want the convenience of voice control without the data-collecting tech giant behind the scenes, an open-source project called Mycroft is a great alternative. An
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e-Hallpass, installed on kids' school-issued Chromebooks, tracks everything including when they go to the bathroom. This would be pretty gross even if it were free software, but at least then kids would be able to opt out.

using PPI long-term for acid reflux can increase likelihood of stomach cancer.


If you haven’t already caught this interview I’d highly suggest watching it! Not so much for anything you don’t likely already know, but for the renewal it provides to the justifiably depleted inventory of ‘fucks‘ which one has left to give in these days of overwhelming nonsense...
#snowden #2020election #journalism #makeamericasaneagain

I highly suggest you take advice like this to heart when putting together a project! From my experience RPi displays (and SoC's screens in general) range from plug-and-play simple all the way to the other extreme of having to spend hours/days of research and hope & pray all you have to do is hack a library for something kinda/sorta similar because no one has ever heard of the piece of shit screen you got for 'a great deal' from some Chinese distributor!

That's the good outcome of this bad scenario! In reality you might even have to put together a new connector and change some components because the seller didn't mention it was some scrapped screen that like one guy figured out how to re-purpose for his RPi five years ago on a blog that only exists on thewaybackmachine now...

I even had one display I gave up on ever getting to work, so... THANK YOU so much for articles like this one @danie10 !!! It might be too late for me, but maybe others can avoid a nightmare scenario! ;P
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The oldest YouTube gamer is an 83 year old grandmother! That's pretty amazing! ...and totally shatters the validity of any excuses I make to not be productive :P

Her YouTube channel:


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Honestly I trust chinese/taiwan corporations lesser than Gugl... However if this will benefits some Linux stacks for any reason we will thanks Mr President for his childish commercial war against China...

@Daniel Yeah, in general I'd agree, given that that even though they have what might appear to be privately owned businesses, the government technically owns them all... but the more I actually researched the Huawei claims the more I'm certain that they are pretty legit. I really trust them as much as I'd trust Dell or HP, whom iirc have all have all had cases of installing some sort of malware/phone home bs at some point over the years - and any US company could just as easily have state-sponsored malware installed given the closed-source and downright suspicious nature of the hardware from Intel (and AMD too if I'm not mistaken). I just assume it all has shit-ware on it at the the hardware level and do what I can to mitigate it... but out-of-band stuff is rather tricky to mitigate :\ If you want a machine with something newer than like core-duo you pretty much have to just assume the worst, haha.

If you’re on... that other site... and you have a moment to spare, please vote on my son’s poll to pick his next gaming video he’ll make! It would mean a lot to get him some votes! I voted Universe Sandbox :P

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