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According to South Korea, Donald Trump's (@realdonaldtrump) "friend" Kim Jong Un has executed members of his envoy immediately after the recent summit!

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You laugh, but you're probably not far off from the truth!

erm, i don't think trump ordered the execution

@stan prentice That is correct. That's also why no one implied that he did.

"Russia did not help me get elected" and then "I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected". This is not how honest people speak. The United States goverment, #Democrat & #Republican alike, are ALL traitorous scum if they don't do more about this mob boss #POTUS

I came across a very strange problem today. All of the amavisd-new processes on my server were pegged at nearly 100% CPU usage! Restarting the services, or even trying to manually end the processes didn't work initially. I had to break out 'kill -9 ...' on them finally, after trying in vain to track down the source of the issue, or what the processes were even doing. While they were running at full CPU I simply set the 'nice' levels to +15 so they wouldn't disrupt other services much while troubleshooting. As far as I know everything kept running fine and no downtime was experienced on any services. I didn't do the kill right away because I wanted to make sure it was some important maintenance task they were doing, or something like that... I couldn't come up with any answers though, so finally I did the deed. After restarting all effected services things were fine and CPU usage has been normal for several hours now. Has anyone experienced anything like this with amavisd-new before?

Really I'm tempted to try something more modern I read about recently... but I cannot find the... show more

I don't know what to make of this really... or if it even matters at this point. But it's interesting.
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@Shelenn Ayres What is 'fake news'? The video I posted? Several times in the video he entertains the idea that it could all be bogus, and he doesn't have a history of discussing things that turn out to be false - but like I said, even in this video he proposes that it could be bogus and mentions the fact that Wolf's first book had some still unsubstantiated claims.

Or maybe you mean the document referred to here is 'fake news'? The one that the guardian has also purportedly reviewed. I don't know, I haven't looked in to it to be honest. So it may be the case.

I do see reason to take this information with cautious skepticism, but I don't see anything that outright screams 'fake news'. It seems well within the realm of possibility, considering what's in Mueller's actual report. I'd be more surprised to find out that Mueller didn't at all wrestle with the decision on indicting Trump, or not, and had the stance from the report all along. There was plenty of loud public polit... show more


@Daniel I know what you mean, most on the 'right' in the USA tout free speech as a top value, yet they blindly approve of this because Trump put his stamp on it. At one of his election rallies he once asked Russia to steal & leak documents and then thanked Wikileaks - such hypocrisy... but it doesn't even feel good to convince people of this anymore, because nothing changes, his supports don't care. I saw one in a chat recently suggest that the US "could use a dictatorship for a few years to straighten things out", as if would be fixed and go back to democracy afterwards... such fools.

its good to be alive <3

#life #vida

Is there an inside joke going on here I don't know about? Is the flower poisonous?

Does anyone have experience with

Just throwing this out to the #fediverse. i stumbled upon the site today and don't really know anything beyond what their homepage states. I'm curious to hear some thoughts on this, or if it's even worth delving deeper.

#opensource #ideas #minds

Hahaha:)) I don't think they have any relation with Ottoman Empire @Adam Gaskins Yes like most have it, it is a marketing paper. Still has some clues in it though. Agree their model like traditional corporate model. I found a few things interesting and I'm giving a try to see if those are working or how those work in real life.

Cool @Oya SANLI ! I'm interested to hear how your experience goes after some time using it! Good luck!

It's not that bad. They are serious about free speech. So you can post just about anything there as long as it's not illegal. They have a jury system where the users can participate, but I've never been asked to engage in "jury duty" on the site. The jury system is relatively new -- just released in the last month.

In the end it's like trying to describe how an orange tastes ... try it you might like it.

I find it hard to stop watching these Gource visualizations...


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Python built-ins worth learning

HN Discussion:
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The Most Expensive Lesson of My Life: Details of SIM Port Hack

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Are there any VERIFIABLE sources that show Huawei has backdoor/spyware installed on their devices? Aside from the Intel stuff, like ME, that's on nearly every modern computer and certainly isn't a China-related issue. I'm not being facetious, I really just don't see any articles or anything stating any facts here, just that Trump decided to say they (and other Chinese companies) are bad guys... I must be missing something, though.

I've heard the argument that these are Chinese companies and that technically Chinese government controls all Chinese companies... but I mean is there really any proof the Huawei has done anything? This all seems like yet another USA false flag tactic to me. The risk posed merely from a government POSSIBLY intervening in a company is the same risk posed by any US company. If the NSA subpoenas a US company to do something they do it and shut their mouths about it. This HAS been documented in the past.

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false flag issue originating from the US
and others.
yes that's what I meant hence my (hopefully) satiric tone. :-)

I seen this and though you'd laugh about it ...
A post from

@Vladimir haha, sounds about right!

Psychedelics deserve so much more research, and less stigma. Psychedelics do things that seem unexplainable and unbelievable - but this is only the case because we have virtually no research in them. The situation is getting better, and this is encouraging, but few pharmacological substances in history have exhibited such profound results and potential in so many areas. Many people believe these type of results could not possibly be real, but this sort of research is slowly legitimizing the claims.

This needs so much more funding and attention by big pharma, and that will only come with demand - if the pharmaceutical companies see a real demand, they will use their influence to get the legal system in order, and make this happen. That demand will only happen, though, if we can soften the stigmas surrounding psychedelics by doing our part to spread research and information like this, and get it in front of as many eyes as possible. No one should claim these are harmless chemicals, of course they can be if used carelessly. However, psychedelics are very similar to alcohol in tha... show more

Not legal, decriminalized. You can't buy them, but the cops now can't arrest people for possession. Still need to grow them yourself.


The thing is the whole US defense budget is based on the idea that projecting force prevents war...and in all likelihood has done just that...the problem is that instead of simply projecting force, it's also driven violence in conflicts we had no place in. We put our noses in other countries' affairs because Russia (or some other scapegoat) was putting their nose in the area...that's a BS excuse...the real reason was the military budget was in danger of getting cut and they needed a reason to keep it funded at high war...we start fights where we can, butt into other fights where we can, "keep peace" where we can because we can...and because we do, we are able to keep blowing trillions of dollars on stupid causes...and the human cost is unfathomable.

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