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Want an open-source alternative to Amazon's Alexa or the Google Assistant? You can with a Raspberry Pi and Mycroft

Once you start using a smart speaker to set reminders, play the news, or turn the lights on, it's hard to go back. But if you want the convenience of voice control without the data-collecting tech giant behind the scenes, an open-source project called Mycroft is a great alternative. An
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Honestly I trust chinese/taiwan corporations lesser than Gugl... However if this will benefits some Linux stacks for any reason we will thanks Mr President for his childish commercial war against China...

@Daniel Yeah, in general I'd agree, given that that even though they have what might appear to be privately owned businesses, the government technically owns them all... but the more I actually researched the Huawei claims the more I'm certain that they are pretty legit. I really trust them as much as I'd trust Dell or HP, whom iirc have all have all had cases of installing some sort of malware/phone home bs at some point over the years - and any US company could just as easily have state-sponsored malware installed given the closed-source and downright suspicious nature of the hardware from Intel (and AMD too if I'm not mistaken). I just assume it all has shit-ware on it at the the hardware level and do what I can to mitigate it... but out-of-band stuff is rather tricky to mitigate :\ If you want a machine with something newer than like core-duo you pretty much have to just assume the worst, haha.

Does anyone have experience with

Just throwing this out to the #fediverse. i stumbled upon the site today and don't really know anything beyond what their homepage states. I'm curious to hear some thoughts on this, or if it's even worth delving deeper.

#opensource #ideas #minds

Hahaha:)) I don't think they have any relation with Ottoman Empire @Adam Gaskins Yes like most have it, it is a marketing paper. Still has some clues in it though. Agree their model like traditional corporate model. I found a few things interesting and I'm giving a try to see if those are working or how those work in real life.

Cool @Oya SANLI ! I'm interested to hear how your experience goes after some time using it! Good luck!

It's not that bad. They are serious about free speech. So you can post just about anything there as long as it's not illegal. They have a jury system where the users can participate, but I've never been asked to engage in "jury duty" on the site. The jury system is relatively new -- just released in the last month.

In the end it's like trying to describe how an orange tastes ... try it you might like it.

Despite my animosity towards Micro$oft... THIS IS COOL!!!

Now, don't get me wrong, there's a lot of cringe-worthy content in this HoloLens 2 presentation... I hate hearing them brag about their interface ideas as if they invented responsive and naturally intuitive UI. Those sort of irksome things aside, this idea itself is great! This really is where things have to go in the future. Imagine, with virtualization and remote access, having your Linux machines running with potentially infinite monitors, and remote consoles scattered all around, yet never hidden behind virtual desktops or windows...

That's a utopian view, and only the tip the iceberg. I'd so love this technology to grow in to something fundamentally non-proprietary and truly open, otherwise there could be some big problems from this technology. Just imagine the damage to young minds from having to learn to filter out a literal world of ads and marketing as they try to play a game, or so their homework online... Not to mention, the magnitudes more personal information this device deals with.

We cannot accept this sort of tech if marketing and information harvesting... show more
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