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I came across a very strange problem today. All of the amavisd-new processes on my server were pegged at nearly 100% CPU usage! Restarting the services, or even trying to manually end the processes didn't work initially. I had to break out 'kill -9 ...' on them finally, after trying in vain to track down the source of the issue, or what the processes were even doing. While they were running at full CPU I simply set the 'nice' levels to +15 so they wouldn't disrupt other services much while troubleshooting. As far as I know everything kept running fine and no downtime was experienced on any services. I didn't do the kill right away because I wanted to make sure it was some important maintenance task they were doing, or something like that... I couldn't come up with any answers though, so finally I did the deed. After restarting all effected services things were fine and CPU usage has been normal for several hours now. Has anyone experienced anything like this with amavisd-new before?

Really I'm tempted to try something more modern I read about recently... but I cannot find the... show more

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