Keeping Our Jobs in the AI Age

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is making many jobs obsolete. What kind of skills and education are needed to survive in this world? We take a look at how some people are adapting. #ai-powered #artificialintelligence

New Release: Tor Browser 8.5

Great news for security/privacy conscious individuals. TOR 8.5 is here. #TOR
Ted diaspora
I'm using it now. :-)

Is a VPN a Necessity for Linux Users?
Is a VPN a Necessity for Linux Users?
Super Luser Friendica (AP)
I find it funny that the article itself comes to name the very issue I had with it as I was reading, albeit very late in the article. It states “...a VPN has little to do with the operating system in use”. So true, but then that would be the question: Why did you write an article titled “Is a VPN a Necessity for Linux Users”?

I’m sorry, I get hung up on the most shit sometimes... I guess it just annoys me seeing so many articles that justify an topic rehash by just plugging the word ‘for Linux’ in the title.

That said, it’s a decent article on VPN usage. I can see why you’d share it. It does a good job in identifying the different reasons a person would use a VPN, rather than assuming all needs are the same, as many articles like this seem to do.

Just that damn title, and then saying it’s not relevant in the article!! It triggers me, haha.

Sorry to ramble so much, Mike! :P

Haha..check this read Adam. Look who's using Linux.

Countries With Linux Based National Operating Systems
Adam Gaskins Friendica (AP)
@Mike Mendoza That's really interesting, I saved both these articles. It's funny that the communist countries like Ubuntu so much, haha. But then again... it is just super popular in general. I would move to a country that makes a national Arch based distro, ha. Thanks for sharing these Mike!
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