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Linux Lusers Forum

Did you know has a forum on here?

Just visit this account to join the forum: @The Linux Luser Group

When you want to post to the forum, or share something there, simply tag it just like you would a normal user, except replace the leading '@' with an '!' (only the leading one). That goes for any Friendica forum.

When you do this the post becomes a forum post* [b]and everyone in the forum can see & interact with it! It's a great way to get help to general questions you may have[b]**, start a riveting discussion, or just share an interesting post that your fellow forum users might appreciate!

I hope to see some of my fellow Lusers there! :P

* A couple of forum tips:
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The global Friendica directory, and how to opt in!

We've had a small but significant surge in new users lately, so I wanted to share something that I think some of you may not be aware of - I know I wasn't when I first started using Friendica!

By default does not list your account in the global Friendica directory, where other users might search and find you. Many users expect this by default, but it is done to respect privacy, and to comply laws in some countries (much like the cookie notice pop-up).

That said, it's very simple to have your account listed in the global directory, thus making it so other folks in the fediverse can find & befriend you! The option is found under "Security and Privacy" in your account settings!

Here's a trail of bread-crumbs to follow:
Settings > Account > Security and Privacy

Once you're there, look for the option titled "Publish default profile in global directory"

Just to be clear, doing this will publish your default profile information to the global Friendica director... show more
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Let's Reinstate Net-Neutrality!

Let's Reinstate Net-Neutrality!

Please take a moment to help in the fight to restore net-neutrality! It's a very short & to the point bill that is being proposed here: It may take all of 1-2 minutes to read, as it on
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chilcreek reshared this. is now using the 2019.06-rc Friendica version!

Greetings fellow Lusers! We are now running on the 2019.06-rc version of Friendica! This doesn't mean too much really, since we already had the latest features and bug-fixes that went in to the RC branch and will continue to do so. I just like to keep everyone availed of and changes to the node! I made this move because I have been told by the Friendica developers that when there is a release candidate, such as this, that it should be used instead of the development branch.

Once the RC phase is over and the development branch goes back to being active we'll probably switch back to that - as it's been an overall good experience getting the bleeding-edge features and latest bug fixes, with no particular major problems. That said, there's always some risk with the dev branch, but in my experience any issues that do arise are fixed quite quickly, and the Friendica devs are quite good about making sure something is working well before merging changes.

However, I'm most interested in what you, the users of, have to say! My top priority is to give... show more

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